NACE are pleased to announce the membership of BSRIA, a leading UK based test facility, to its register of industry associates.

Established in 1955 in the aftermath of the second world war to help the construction industry benefit from the latest research, this organisation has gone from strength to strength. BSRIA is truly a non-profit distributing and member-based association, with profits invested back into its research programmes.

BSRIA describes its mission as ‘to make buildings better…’ by enabling ‘…the building services and construction industries and their clients to enhance the value of the built environment, by improving the quality of their products and services, the efficiency of their provision and the effectiveness of their operation.’

The BSRIA facility in Bracknell offers training opportunities and CPD learning currently unavailable anywhere in the UK. NACE members will have direct access to any joint training opportunity and membership discount on application.

NACE are particularly keen to work with BSRIA on joint venture projects that, for instance, increase installer / consumer awareness, as well as the raising of industry standards.

Stacey Ward, Membership Manager, BSRIA, said:

“It is fantastic news that NACE has come into BSRIA membership – and at corporate level. NACE offers the general public direct access to their register of skilled chimney engineers and to their technical/legal data base for professionals and consumers who require technically competent industry expertise or assistance with non-compliant workmanship.”

“NACE will be able to utilise the expertise of BSRIA and the know-how in this team, it is very much hoped that NACE will play a prominent role within the BSRIA membership family and engage with our networking events.”

BSRIA undertakes activities that go beyond building services research and information:
– Design support.
– Construction compliance.
– Facilities management support.
– Testing.
– Instrument solutions.
– Market intelligence and management consultancy.

It offers corporate membership, with benefits including access to research and information, education and market research, as well as having member interests represented to the wider industry and government by the BSRIA council.

BSRIA Limited
Old Bracknell Lane West, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7AH, UK
T: 01344 465600

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