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NACE has a close working relationship with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and we encourage our members to register with CITB to benefit from the support and grants available.

CITB levy – people are sometimes under the misconception that the threshold figure relates to their turnover but this is not true, the levy is based on wage figures alone, as follows:

Your total wage bill includes your total PAYE for a year, plus your total payments to net (taxable) CIS subcontractors for a year.
* If your total wage bill is £79,999 or less: You do not need to pay levy, but you still need to complete a Levy Return.
* If your total wage bill is £80,000 or more: You pay 0.5% on your total PAYE for a year, plus 1.25% on your total net CIS subcontractor payments for a year.
* If your total wage bill is £80,000 or more, but less than £400,000: Your levy bill will be reduced by 50%.

This information can be accessed in further detail through the following web link: CITB levy.

Construction companies with a total wage bill of less than £80,000 don’t pay any levy but can still benefit from CITB support and grants available.

If a NACE member is looking to register with CITB, you need to make sure that you meet the registration criteria, i.e. be ‘in scope’. The ‘scope order’ lists ‘the installation, repair or maintenance of chimney linings’ as being an in scope construction activity. A company must also have one or more employees.

To register your business with CITB, the relevant information and forms can be found here: Registration.

If NACE members have any queries regarding registering or are unsure as to whether you are eligible to register, you can contact the Registration Department directly by email:

Details on the new Grant Scheme, commencing 1 April 2018, can be found here: CITB Grant Scheme Poster.

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