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We are pleased to announce the new interactive NACE Q&A Facebook page which can be accessed here.

You are invited to use this facility for technical, legal, mechanical, fire risk and/or safety, installation or document interpretation advice.

The NACE Facebook page has been designed for the professional and for those who require further technical and mechanical advice.

Please use the new NACE Q&A system. Although not a forum, you are more than welcome to leave constructive comments on the page or email to facebook@nace.org.uk should you feel these are necessary. We will certainly consider all responses carefully.

Samples of recent posts:

Dear NACE Technical

We have recently looked at a job where there is a large inglenook fireplace (our client is considering a stove) with a masonry flue shaft serving this area of approximately 325mm by 325mm.

Our client wants us to install two stainless steel liners into an a flue at present serving an inglenook fireplace, I have told the client it is not possible to use two separate liners, one for a stove and one for an Aga in the same flue shaft. He has had two alternative quotes, one telling him the Aga doesnt need a liner and is fine and the other saying that two flexible liners surrounded by vermiculite is acceptable.

My understanding is it is not, (section 1.25 ADJ). I have been told however that a flexible liner with a twin wall flue system in the same masonry flue shaft is acceptable.

If this is the case, would two pumice lining systems be acceptable as we would be providing two new, permanent flue walls?

Hope you can help


Trevor Hendes

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