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Samples of recent posts:

NACE JOIN THE BSiFNACE are pleased to announce that a formal association with the BSiF (British Safety Industry Federation) has been agreed.This new venture with the BSiF will open up considerable opportunities for NACE members and those within the BSiF family to cross-pollinate ideas, training, learning whilst achieving peer recognised status. Today the BSIF is firmly established as the major independent voice of the British safety industry, helping to both influence legislation and provide industry in general with a source of authoritative information on a range of workplace safety issues.According to the BSiF;“It is our mission to support all businesses in the UK who help to keep people safe and healthy at work. We are passionate that safety and health is universally recognised for what it is – a positive force for good” “BSIF work closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Trading Standards with whom we have Primary Authority partnership. We ensure the needs of the UK safety industry are shared. Our active input across Government departments puts us at the forefront of influencing legislation”“Our work with Government enforcement agencies, standards authorities, safety equipment manufacturers, distributors, users and sector associations makes certain we are leading the way in educating and advising on topical industry issues that affect worker safety and health”NACE look forward to a successful working relationship with the BSiF on such subjects as; Domestic ‘CO’ safety, Air quality, Respiratory wellbeing, Service provider standards, Competence expectation & delivery, Mitigation methods & process as well as Environmental impact recognition & resolution procedures. NACE continues to build on its lengthy and established professional portfolio of cross industry organisations, the BSiF adding further weight to our forty year history. Our specialist expert services continue to be sought by Environmental Health lawyers, Local Authorities, Royal Estates and now a major British/International Motor Manufacturer, NACE therefore well placed with the BSiF to lobby Government for desperately needed change in safety and competence legislation. ... See MoreSee Less
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‘IMPROVED REGULATION IN THE SOLID FUEL SECTOR’ SAYS THE CO RESEARCH TRUST NACE has for some fifteen years lobbied for better industry education, upscale training and of course wider public awareness, it would appear, according to the CO Research Trust (no one else) they have come to the very same conclusions. Having authored numerous CPD and ATU courses and lectures on the complex subject of domestic CO risk, NACE agrees with the CO Research Trust who admit they have;“No clear picture of CO risk for solid fuel appliances” apparently leaving “1.5m homeowners at risk” We would suggest up to three times that amount of potential risk scenarios are more likely to exist given the inclusion of gas and oil appliance use and where such appliances are regularly fixed to less than suitable controlled services.According to a report commissioned by the CO Research Trust they have found;“The data surrounding carbon monoxide (CO) incidents relating to solid fuel appliance use is poor, and that it could be leaving homeowners at risk”NACE have repeatedly advised DEFRA how to mitigate to a degree both poor air quality and matters surrounding domestic CO ingress, however, to the detriment of public safety this Government organisation appears to have taken solace and guidance not from recognised industry experts but from revenue driven armchair advisors with little if any theory knowledge on the subject matter. NACE have also attempted to share its considerable knowledge supported by Gas Safe Europe with a number of funded safety platforms, the members it would appear more interested in damage limitation and/or disruption to their market leadership than actual methods designed for public safety and awareness. The CO Research Trust; “Wood burning stoves have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and with 200,000 stoves sold every year, this growth shows no signs of slowing down. It is estimated that 1.5m UK households have a wood burning stove”.NACE are aware that many more than the 200,000 appliances referred to are installed each year with as many under local authority radar, these are regularly fitted to virtually defunct and mechanically dangerous chimney structures and flue systems as well as to chimneys that simply are so poorly designed and installed they represent an immediate risk. According to the CO Research Trust; “However, unlike the gas sector, where there is a requirement to report CO related incidents under RIDDOR, with solid fuel appliances there is no legal requirement to report incidents”NACE has lobbied for years to outlaw the current warning notice culture that has grown to bulbous proportions with no association or scheme willing to take responsibility for the issuing of what are rather pointless documents. (NACE banned the use of these five years ago) Schemes and associations continue to make many thousands of pounds profit from the selling of these faux authoritative documents to their members who then issue them without consequence to an easily led and less than knowledgeable public, there is no legal requirement to suggest that a warning notice is issued nor are there any minimum prerogatives to follow mitigating the issuer from wrongful advice, therefore these warning notices are valueless and serve no purpose other than to provide the issuer with a false sense of authority unless shared with enforcement agencies who may be in a position to utilise such information the ultimate liability will still rest with the issuer. What is painfully obvious in cases of related loss, injury and/or a fatality arising from negligence and/or incompetent interpretation is that the issuer of a warning notice will be held liable, put quite simply, one cannot waver personal accountability by simply advising a layperson on a card they have a problem. “The CO Research Trust report has found huge shortcomings in terms of regulation and reporting of CO incidents, and that the solid fuel industry was under regulated compared to the gas sector”And;“We have identified the clear need for reporting and improved regulation in the solid fuel sector” NACE fully supports the opinion of the CO Research Trust when they competently identify as outsiders that our industry is so poorly regulated it really does need improving, that this organisation independently recognises the level of failure referred to says a great deal about our inability to recognise this within our own limited parameters, what is far worse is the determination by many to do virtually nothing whilst continuing a veneer of respectability and unrelenting revenue income, clearly there is an appetite for less regulation and avoidance of any accountability and/or personal responsibility. ... See MoreSee Less
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Dear Nace TechnicalI was wondering if you had encountered an issue where smoke exits the chimney but can then be drawn back into the home via a vent in the side wall of the house. having had my chimney refined with thermocrete I believe it is sound and the only sign of soot is inside the ventaxia tube rather on the outside of it (which would to me suggest gases venting into the cavity) as there is no sign of soot in the cavity but only on the interior of the ventaxia ducting is it possible that smoke is discharging from the chimney and then sinking down between my home and my neighbours and being sucked into our upstairs bathroom via negative airpressure?Thank YouDavid Molloy ... See MoreSee Less
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NACE INVITED TO JOIN THE HSE ‘R.E.A.C.H’ ORGANISATIONNACE are pleased to announce their membership of and to the HSE ‘R.E.A.C.H’ organisation, the HSE already recognises NACE and its lengthy role in industry.This new role supporting colleagues at R.E.A.C.H will be a fabulous opportunity to advance our own understanding of chemical usage & interaction, how & where industry based chemicals are being used and the impact upon the health & wellbeing of the consumer whilst at the same time providing access to our expert knowledge system and historical evidence. NACE are committed to supporting our colleagues at BSRIA, therefore we have extended our membership for a further twelve months whilst retaining our prestigious position as council members. ... See MoreSee Less
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