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We are pleased to announce the new interactive NACE Q&A Facebook page which can be accessed here.

You are invited to use this facility for technical, legal, mechanical, fire risk and/or safety, installation or document interpretation advice.

The NACE Facebook page has been designed for the professional and for those who require further technical and mechanical advice.

Please use the new NACE Q&A system. Although not a forum, you are more than welcome to leave constructive comments on the page or email to facebook@nace.org.uk should you feel these are necessary. We will certainly consider all responses carefully.

Samples of recent posts:

Dear Nace TechnicalI was wondering if you had encountered an issue where smoke exits the chimney but can then be drawn back into the home via a vent in the side wall of the house. having had my chimney refined with thermocrete I believe it is sound and the only sign of soot is inside the ventaxia tube rather on the outside of it (which would to me suggest gases venting into the cavity) as there is no sign of soot in the cavity but only on the interior of the ventaxia ducting is it possible that smoke is discharging from the chimney and then sinking down between my home and my neighbours and being sucked into our upstairs bathroom via negative airpressure?Thank YouDavid Molloy ... See MoreSee Less
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NACE INVITED TO JOIN THE HSE ‘R.E.A.C.H’ ORGANISATIONNACE are pleased to announce their membership of and to the HSE ‘R.E.A.C.H’ organisation, the HSE already recognises NACE and its lengthy role in industry.This new role supporting colleagues at R.E.A.C.H will be a fabulous opportunity to advance our own understanding of chemical usage & interaction, how & where industry based chemicals are being used and the impact upon the health & wellbeing of the consumer whilst at the same time providing access to our expert knowledge system and historical evidence. NACE are committed to supporting our colleagues at BSRIA, therefore we have extended our membership for a further twelve months whilst retaining our prestigious position as council members. ... See MoreSee Less
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CREDIT (ON THIS OCCASION) WHERE IT’S DUE !Poplars Garden Centre near Braintree, Essex is a very busy and well attended retail business, the restaurant area probably no different today than any other full with more than a hundred people in attendance over a large open seated area, this was not a venue known to us previously.Two NACE Directors were having lunch at this garden centre and noticed two large multi fuel appliances installed into a purpose built brick structure with two faux fireplace openings facing at an angle public seating nearby, having briefly identified a number of public safety risk elements and poorly/shoddily and potentially dangerous installation methods it was the arrival of a chimney sweep, who, having spoken to a member of the restaurant staff appeared to refuse sweeping/cleaning the appliances, that interested us both.It transpired that this sweep was not prepared to carry out the function for which he was engaged having correctly pointed out to the restaurant staff the safety/compliance issues he was concerned with, these he reiterated to us although not in any detail.Credit must therefore be given to this sweep for refusing to carry out what could have been a ‘quick in and out’ activity worth at least £100 to him, we are not aware of the arrangements following this occurrence nor if he charged or was compensated for his time.A number of compliance, dangerous fire risk/public safety and communicational issues were noted, these will be forwarded to the garden centre by NACE for their attention.The only criticism worthy of note was the intension to carry out a cleaning activity during a busy period in a well-attended restaurant reasonably full of older persons, women and young children, not only a respiratory danger to this section of the general public but with doors, windows and restaurant staff in and out of what appeared to be a very busy kitchen massive depressurisation and/or turbulence likely to occur, this would have affected any test evaluation results giving incorrect readings. It may of course have been more prudent to have carried out this activity either at night or early in the morning to minimise any possible risk to the public (noise, dust etc.) so that random test evaluation results could then be then construed as ‘true’. NACE would like to acknowledge this individual’s integrity for having refused to carry out a function that could have benefited him considerably had he not said a word, however, he obviously felt there were issues serious enough to warrant him cancelling his attendance and this action should be applauded/recognised.We hope that an in depth and technically competent explanation will be offered to the owners of the garden centre (not a ridiculous unfit tick box substitute) and signed therefore a legal document holding the owners liable to comply, NACE are prepared to support, with our considerable industry weight, any service provider in the course of their duty where due diligence and a duty of care have and are continually employed/demonstrated. ... See MoreSee Less
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Dear NaceI'm wondering if you could give me some advice please? We are in litigation with a builder over a chimney shared between us and our neighbour's. The chimney had 5 flues, all open at the bottom but with only one working (neighbour's gas). It's a long story, but basically the builder installed only 1 lead tray, high up a large chimney, placed a lead sheet over all the flues except the unlined gas one, where he had a hole with a 20mm upstand and stood a concrete tube on top.The builder's surveyor is implying that this is OK. There are many other things wrong, which I can send you photos of. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks, Tracy ... See MoreSee Less
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