Chimney Information


NACE members will give sensible advice as to the type of repairs required to suit the situation, and will always use the finest quality materials. You should never be dissatisfied the quality of workmanship from a NACE member as all building and repair work undertaken will be carried out to Building Regulation Standards.


NACE members will gladly quote for repair work, and if required will undertake chimney surveys to investigate problems before committing to work. The survey techniques used by some of our members are among the most advanced available, allowing close-up inspection of the chimney internals, giving high quality visual evidence of the problems under investigation.


NACE members will provide you with the service you need by providing the most sensible and economical solution to the problem.

Chimney Data Plates

Building Regulations for England/Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland require that a Chimney Data Plate must be placed in a prominent position giving information on any chimney that is constructed or worked upon.

As there are differences in the Regulations for England/Wales and those for Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, NACE has developed the NACE Data Plate which satisfies all requirements.

NACE has also developed the National Flue Register; a database to record the use of any NACE Data Plates supplied to its members.

Each NACE Data Plate is sequentially numbered and unique.

The NACE Data Plate shows details of:

  • Address of the property.
  • Type of appliance (if fitted).
  • Location of the hearth and chimney (which room).
  • Fuel types the flue is suitable for.
  • Type of chimney liner and internal diameter.
  • Whether or not the liner is suitable for use with an appliance that has a condensing mode.
  • Date of installation.
  • Recommended type of cleaning brush.
  • National Flue Registration Number (unique number).
  • Installer’s NACE membership number.
  • Installer’s contact details.
  • Chimney to be swept as advised by a fully qualified Chimney Sweep.
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