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National Association of Chimney Engineers (NACE)

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Established in 1982 as a not-for-profit organisation, NACE has, over the past forty years evolved into a highly respected and technically capable multi-level service provider and industry educator as well as the only independent specialist ‘Controlled Services’ and ‘Controlled Fittings’ (Chimneys, Flue systems and Combustion appliances) organisation able to demonstrate an extensive administrative, mechanical and technical capability no matter what the challenge.

Whether a defective chimney installation, an architectural design error, feasibility requirement or a major commercial flue malfunction, NACE has the theory and practical skills necessary to resolve virtually any domestic or large scale chimney related and appliance enquiry involving an existing brick built masonry chimney or a purpose built stainless steel twin wall flue system serving one of the following appliances:-

• Gas Fire
• Central Heating Gas or Oil Boiler
• Wood or Coal Burning Stove
• Open Fire
• Pizza Oven
• Extraction Unit

In common circumstances it is not unheard of for issues surrounding non-compliance, competence, function, operation, workmanship, design, safety and fire risk to arise either before or after an installation has taken place, therefore the consumer or professional will search for independent expert advice and guidance in particular on such subjects as:-

• Statutory and Regulatory Compliance
• Physical & Administrative Interpretation (Regulatory documentation)
• Workmanship Liability (Compliance, domestic fire/safety risk assessment)
• Contractor & Service Provider Liability
• Consumer Health and Wellbeing
• Installation Compliance (Method & procedure)
• Pre-Installation System Design (Guidance & best practice)
• Air Quality & Smoke Nuisance Mitigation
• Party Wall Dispute Avoidance
• Pre-Commissioning Defect Recognition
• Formal & Informal Inspection
• Design Feasibility
• Negligence, Non-Compliance Investigation
• Workmanship Dispute & Investigation
• Smoke Nuisance Complaint
• Component & Product Compatibility

Irrespective of the enquiry, NACE is consequently well placed to provide expert technical, inspection, investigative and administrative interpretation on any one of the above complex subject matters.

NACE provides its services to a wide and diverse range of clients from:- Domestic fuel users and homeowners, Historic building Estates, Housing Associations, Environmental Borough Councils, Conservation Officers, Multi-Occupancy Landlords, Local Authorities, Museums, Building Control Professionals, County Courts, Public Health Lawyers to Multi Million pound development, refurbishment and construction companies.

Taking a proactive role regarding consumer health, wellbeing, safety, general risk, air quality and air pollution the NACE mission and core value statements are;

“To ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of all fuel users in the UK and Ireland who depend upon a chimney and/or flue system for the safe and compliant operation of a heating appliance."

"To protect, guide and advise the fuel user so that defective and/or negligent workmanship can be avoided, that 'life changing' events do not occur, to aid, support and promote safety in the home and at work so that consumers do not suffer accidental damage to their property, harm themselves or others.”

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