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Established in 1982, a group of chimney technicians, manufacturers and administrators having recognised homeowners had little if any access to cohesive, uniform and competent appliance installation and chimney lining services took it upon themselves to form a technically competent and accountable organisation known as NACE Ltd.

From the outset, we quickly identified that no other information source existed outside of one regulatory document with few capable of interpreting the basic guidance within, therefore little in the way of expert opinion or competent interpretation available in particular where notifiable building, alteration or installation work of a complex nature took place.

Celebrating our fortieth year, NACE has become an identifiable and recognised public safety platform, conformity assessment organisation and industry expert within the Controlled Services and Controlled Fittings environment (Chimney, flues & combustion appliances) providing multi-level expert services to clients ranging from the domestic fuel user, historic building professional, enforcement agency, domestic and commercial landlord, local authority, county court service, environmental and public health lawyer to multimillion pound construction and building companies as well as to a broad spectrum of public and private businesses who have come to rely upon our specialist expert knowledge, technical competence, advice, guidance and interpretation.

With a prestigious client base and successful casework portfolio acting in the role of expert NACE continues to successfully resolve problematic and sometimes contentious party wall, smoke nuisance, neighbour related non-compliant workmanship disputes providing domestic clientele, property owner and commercial enterprise access to formal and informal inspection, design feasibility, negligence investigation, dispute litigation, workmanship defect, non-compliance and mediation support services.

NACE is a key industry organisation with considerable senior status representative of competence, compliance and safety in both the workplace and where notifiable work is carried out. It is our contention that any work likely to impact upon public safety should be executed in a technically competent and regulatory fashion supported with identifiable audit trail evidence.

NACE General Enquiries:
Tel: 01526 322555
NACE Training & Education:
Tel: 01929 332332
NACE Technical Help Desk:
Tel: 01223 774477
NACE Lecture Workshop Experience:
Tel: 0330 500 1030

Fire Risk Guidance helpline 020 3030 5999 email: firekills@nace.org.uk
Carbon-Monoxide Guidance helpline 01793 221 999 email: carbonmonoxidekills@nace.org.uk

NACE | National Association of Chimney Engineers