NACE Members Area | National Association of Chimney Engineers

This is a member’s only page where you can ask a question, offer opinion, share work related experiences, place images of interest and practical use as well as buy and sell related items, materials, chimney components, plant and equipment etc. 

This is also a page where NACE will regularly place Intel and industry information pertinent to the work you carry out that may not be available anywhere else.

If you have any concerns surrounding an installation for instance or you have identified a domestic fire/safety risk please inform us so that we can take appropriate action either on your behalf or as NACE directly. 

You may place requests for assistance and/or help in the request box below, we will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours of receipt.

NACE General Enquiries:
Tel: 01526 322555
NACE Training & Education:
Tel: 01929 332332
NACE Technical Help Desk:
Tel: 01223 774477
NACE Lecture Workshop Experience:
Tel: 0330 500 1030

Fire Risk Guidance helpline 020 3030 5999 email:
Carbon-Monoxide Guidance helpline 01793 221 999 email:

NACE Members Area | National Association of Chimney Engineers