October 2023

If in doubt, avoid conflicting advice and questionable information.

September 2023

What are my rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations?

February 2023

A Practical Guide to Avoid Causing a Smoke Nuisance.

January 2023

Caught in a 'smoke and/or fume nuisance' nightmare with no idea what to do or where to go for expert advice?

December 2022

Workmanship Liability - It's six (6) years consumer protection!

November 2022

Are you about to have a stove installed? Were you told you 'had' to have your chimney lined?

November 2022

Domestic property policy holders - 'time to wake up to policy changes and demands.'

October 2022

Chimney Sweeping - A basic activity 'not open heart surgery.'

September 2022

Carbon Monoxide Alarms - a 'serious risk' to the consumer.

September 2022

Pre-purchase, auction & renovation 'controlled services' (chimneys, flue systems & appliances) expert inspection.

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