April 2024

Don't reply on a third party certificate as a guarantee of safe, compliant and/or the delivery of competent workmanship.

March 2024

Enforcing your consumer rights - take heed before entering into any type of contract.

October 2023

If in doubt, avoid conflicting advice and questionable information.

September 2023

What are my rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations?

February 2023

A Practical Guide to Avoid Causing a Smoke Nuisance.

January 2023

Caught in a 'smoke and/or fume nuisance' nightmare with no idea what to do or where to go for expert advice?

December 2022

Workmanship Liability - It's six (6) years consumer protection!

November 2022

Are you about to have a stove installed? Were you told you 'had' to have your chimney lined?

November 2022

Domestic property policy holders - 'time to wake up to policy changes and demands.'

October 2022

Chimney Sweeping - A basic activity 'not open heart surgery.'

September 2022

Carbon Monoxide Alarms - a 'serious risk' to the consumer.

September 2022

Pre-purchase, auction & renovation 'controlled services' (chimneys, flue systems & appliances) expert inspection.

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