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As technology advances and workplace methods and strategies need to change with it, there comes a need for service providers, local authorities and general sector business to align with these changes in terms of knowledge, skills, values and abilities. One of the best ways to enhance knowledge and skills is through targeted NACE CPD and ATU technical training modules.

Training is important because it represents opportunities for both service provider and professional to grow their knowledge base, learn more about their immediate surroundings and improve skill set ability, to become better communicators and more effective in the workplace.

Exposing decision makers, managers, professionals and those carrying out domestic site work to relevant and consistent training can help businesses, individuals and companies improve performance, communication and increase results in the workplace, this can also be interpreted as increasing potential income.

Despite the cost of training the return on investment is immense if it is consistent. Training programs can also help prepare industry service providers/contractors and those in local authority for instance to take on more complex types of work and responsibility. These training programs will help candidates to gain valuable learning and the skills that are necessary to function effectively in their respective role.

NACE CPD and ATU modules are typically one to four days in duration depending upon the course taken with a final appraisal by our Director of learner knowledge acquisition, the following CPD and ATU introductory foundation courses are some of the 225 training modules available on a distance learning basis.

Domestic Pre-Purchase & Post Installation Conditional Inspection (Theory & Practical to ISO/IEC17020 European Standards)
Structural Masonry Chimneys - Refurbishment & Reinstatement
Structural Masonry Chimneys – Design Feasibility
Building Control Notification & Listed Building Consent
Carbon-Monoxide - Smoke Alarm Product Testing, Planned Maintenance and Safety (BS EN50291/50292) 
Interpreting the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015
Theory, First and Foremost
Defect Fault Recognition & Reporting
Implementing Best Practice, Duty of Care and Due Diligence Protocols
County Court Procedure
Fire Risk Assessment – Domestic Dwellings, Timber Framed and Thatched Buildings
Landlord Responsibilities – Chimney Structures/Systems and Appliances
Consumer Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Repair & Maintenance to Heritage Structures
Chimney Lining, Relining, Components, Methods & Procedures
Rigid Chimney Systems – Where, Why & How
Flexible Flue Liners – Where, Why & How
Alternative lining systems – Strengths & Weaknesses
Professional Liability & Conduct - Vulnerable & Elderly In Our Community
Chimney Terminals & Cowls – Impact & Assessment
Ventilation, Where, Why and How
Identifying Defective & Non-Compliant Chimney Structures, Lining Systems & Appliances
Domestic Smoke Nuisance
Alteration & Removal of Masonry Chimney Structures
Lead Trays & Masonry Chimneys
Structural Repointing & Masonry Repair
Identifying Mid-Feather Failure
Sub-Contactor & Third Party Liability
How To Correctly Interpret The Party Wall Act (1996)
Audit Trail Evidence & Reporting
Multi-Occupancy Buildings (HMO)
How To Comply With Working At Height Regulations (2005)
Carbon-Monoxide & Other Carcinogenic Material
Identifying Structural Failure
How to Interpret & Comply With: Approved Documents J, A, B, F, K, L1A, L1B, P and 7
Statutory Instruments & BS/BSEN Best Practice
What Constitutes Non-Compliance

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