Appointing a Tradesman/woman

NACE case evidence would indicate that in almost 89% of tradesman/woman complaints these have arisen through incompetent, poor quality and negligent levels of workmanship which were by far the biggest and most extreme element identified.

When appointing a service provider/contractor it is therefore essential to verify certain business and personal criteria, this is often overlooked in the rush for cost related work although it is a requirement for service providers and contractors to provide minimum consumer protection, Scopes of Work and Method Statements clearly and in writing, ever more so when someone with a physical disability is considering a domestic service.

NACE has a lengthy track history assisting members of the public and the consumer to achieve safety and compliance whilst considering their health and wellbeing when employing or appointing a service provider/contractor. 

Employing or appointing a tradesman/woman or business to undertake work in a domestic environment is no easy task, however, NACE has prepared a prerequisite guidance with access to a considerable library of information on the subject matter.

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