Design Compatibility

NACE has recognised and for some considerable time that a disparity bordering on inconsistency exists between chimney systems, masonry chimneys and heating appliance design and how manufacturer’s components, parts and building materials are deemed compatible. 

Without access to real-time evaluation and expert product advice there is no guarantee that a design, once interpreted as a structure will function correctly or that a chimney, flue shaft and appliance will in fact operate in accordance and within manufacturer’s minimum safety parameters. More importantly, that any such design, structure and appliance will not represent a fire risk or safety failure to the occupier once a chimney and appliance are in use.

A fundamental understanding of design compatibility between the drawing board and project completion is absolutely necessary, NACE provide essential technical support and mechanical interpretation on matters of operational procedure, safety, design, ventilation, fire risk and consumer safety, our design support services are available to;

• Building Surveyors
• Architects
• Structural Engineers
• Property Owners
• Loss Adjusters

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