Fire Risk

The risk of a domestic fire breaking out is always a possibility in particular where an open fire or a stove is in use, the risk factor is somewhat lessened where gas and oil fired appliances are found.

NACE has an extraordinary portfolio of case studies indicating a lack of building fabric to heat source understanding, this can lead to inappropriate siting of appliances, chimneys, flues and associated equipment into for instance poorly insulated timber framed semi-detached properties and those with a thatched roof.

More often than not service providers/contractors will overlook roof voids and loft spaces, internal flues and external chimney masonry where condition is vital, this lack of attention to detail can be the difference between safe and compliant operation or a direct fire risk to the building and occupant’s within.

NACE offer a range of fire risk mitigation procedures, guidance and advice for all domestic dwelling environments. 

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