Notifiable Works

To help mitigate individual and business liability surrounding unauthorised building alterations and work of a structural nature NACE has prepared a definitive guide and route map for the service provider and professional to refer when seeking advice on ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ a ‘Notifiable Work’ matter.

There is a great deal of myth perpetrated around controlled services and controlled fittings, (chimneys, flues and appliances) certainly where alteration, renovation, removal and repair are concerned, knowing if your project requires building control approval is essential to avoid issues arising at a later date.

NACE are fully aware of the various types of work that would constitute an application to a local authority, if you are unsure of your status with a current project or if an application is necessary and you would like help and advice regarding liability please contact our technical team.

To discuss a notifiable works application please call 01223 774477 or email us at: