Party Wall Dispute

Any building alteration, lining or relining of a masonry chimney, installation of a chimney system or appliance installation works to or on a party wall will most certainly require the Party Wall Act to be considered and appropriately referred to by the party undertaking such work.

The majority of party wall disputes that NACE register and investigate are in retrospect and appear to occur simply because those carrying out work to and on a party wall or a controlled service (chimney-flue system) fail to understand their own and their client’s liability, disregard general safety etiquette as well as ignoring the health, safety and welfare of building occupants and neighbouring property, this in turn leads to recrimination and denial of responsibility, in reality, party wall disputes can be simply avoided and neighbour conflict circumvented by simply employing best practice and knowledgeable contract administration.

Where works can be hidden or made inaccessible local authority cannot be relied upon to find wrong doing or malpractice, therefore it is essential to appoint an independent controlled services expert prior to any intended party wall work and most certainly where there is a dispute during or post completion.

NACE are an organisation with many years successful party wall dispute experience acting in the role of controlled services (chimneys, flue systems and appliances) expert assisting clients to achieve resolution through competent technical and mechanical interpretation of both controlled service and controlled fitting.

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