Thatched Properties

NACE regularly receive enquires surrounding fire risk and health issues relating to the installation, use and operation of wood stoves, lining of unlined period flue shafts, repairs and alterations to chimneys/flues in high fire risk environments such as listed thatched properties.

Insurance underwriters and brokers continue to include ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ paragraphs in their insurance cover and reinsurance documents based upon in most instances incorrect and assumed industry regulation, it is understandable therefore in view of the huge rebuilding costs involved that these businesses will want to mitigate their loss if at all possible.

NACE can provide an independent expert overview of a potential fire risk employing calibrated test and evaluation equipment coupled with period building material knowledge and heat engineering skills. 

To discuss a thatched property fire risk enquiry please call 01223 774477 or email us at: